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Lago Mexican Restaurant


Lago – Sponsors of Night Out Against Crime

Lago – Sponsors of Night Out Against Crime

In the heart of Mandeville, Louisiana, the charming town known for its southern hospitality and close-knit community, there’s a hidden culinary gem that has been serving up authentic Mexican cuisine with a family touch for generations. Lago Mexican Restaurant stands out not only for its mouthwatering dishes but also for its strong commitment to the community it calls home.

Recently, Lago Mexican Restaurant sponsored an event that truly exemplifies their dedication to Mandeville. The “Night Out Against Crime” was a community-driven gathering aimed at promoting safety and unity in the neighborhood. The event brought together local residents, law enforcement, and various businesses to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and the importance of crime prevention. Lago Mexican Restaurant’s involvement in this initiative underlines their desire to create a safe and harmonious environment for their patrons and neighbors. This act of generosity and community support showcases their commitment to not only providing exquisite Mexican flavors but also being an integral part of Mandeville’s social fabric. It’s a testament to the values that have made them a beloved fixture in this close-knit community.