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Lago Mexican Restaurant


Senior Night Every Wednesday 5-9PM

Senior Night Every Wednesday 5-9PM

In the heart of Mandeville, Louisiana, where the sense of community runs deep and family values are cherished, you’ll find Lago Mexican Restaurant—a culinary haven that warmly welcomes all generations. What sets this local gem apart is its commitment to creating an inclusive dining experience, particularly with their heartwarming tradition of Senior Night every Wednesday from 5-9pm. As the sun begins its descent, Lago becomes a gathering place for seniors from the community, offering not just exquisite Mexican cuisine but a space for cherished memories and connections.

Lago’s Senior Night is a celebration of life’s most precious moments. With a menu specially crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of senior patrons, it’s a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to providing more than just a meal. It’s about nourishing the soul, fostering companionship, and sharing stories. With food and drink specials that delight the palate without breaking the bank, this tradition ensures that every senior in Mandeville can savor the flavors of Mexico while forging new friendships and reminiscing about old times. Lago Mexican Restaurant’s Senior Night embodies the essence of a true family-owned establishment, where everyone is considered part of the extended family, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that Mandeville holds dear.